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Why No Prices?

After years of selling online and growing our business locally at the same time, we came to the conclusion that some business models are more ideal for "e-tailing" (online) and some are better at "retailing", but rarely can the focus of both be equally effective. We simply couldn't maintain the constant price changes of more than 4,000 items on a monthly and sometimes weekly basis for customers across the country as it began pulling resources from our local customers. We felt that our future was here in Chattanooga and the thousands of customers we service here.

Most manufacturers now have pricing policies in place so almost everyone is the same price anyway as far as websites go, and while we are always competitive and in some cases lower, we just felt our efforts were better invested with our local customers.

This newer version of was designed to provide better insight into our core competencies by providing you a comprehensive view of our product lines, our service and installation services and design services, all while being optimized for viewing on personal and mobile devices. We hope you understand and we hope you enjoy this new version of Please call us with any questions, including pricing. We'd love to be of service to you.